Online Mortgage Quote Forms – Beware Before Hitting The Submit Button

Great article from Jeremy! Go online and all of a sudden your inbox fills ups and your phone never stops ringing! Another testimonial why to work with a local expert who knows the market and can best service your needs! 

January 21, 2014

Mortgage PreApprovalFilling out an online mortgage quote form can end up being one of the biggest mistakes you make during the home buying or refinancing process.

If you need proof that filling out an online mortgage quote form with companies such as LendingTree, you need not look much further than the comments left for them on their Facebook page.

“*Up* to 5 offers? Try incessant phone calls for 3 days and counting. I’m up to 21 people calling me at this point. An email to your support team asking it to stop has been completely ignored and your “online chat” tells me no one is available during its clearly stated hours of support,” comment by Dawn Theirl.

“NEVER USE THIS SERVICE!!! I don’t have time for all the phone calls and they refuse to stop, pushing 20 calls in 30 minutes!!!! If I wanted to talk in person I would have answered or gone to my local bank. I was expecting an email response,” comment by Tonya Groves.

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the phone calls stop!!!!” comment by Claire Marie Cosmos.

How To Correctly Shop For A Mortgage

Although shopping around for the best mortgage is the most important thing you should do, contacting local mortgage lenders directly is going to be your best bet.

With the advancement in technology and heightened public awareness, a simple Google, Bing or Yahoo search can easily help you find a reputable and local mortgage lender that is not going to harass you day in and day out.

In my experiences over the years, the mortgage companies who spend thousands of dollars buying leads from companies like LendingTree put extra pressure on their loan officer to contact their leads at a minimum of 3 times a day.

However, a mortgage lender who spends their time and money on marketing the educates consumers are more likely to have a discussion with you and answer any questions you may have rather than try to sell you on a loan that may not be in your best interest.

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