Reaching Your Highest Potential

Do you know where your ceiling is? Have you maximized your potential? The answer is most likely “NO”! By committing to taking a few simple steps and practicing them daily you can achieve your maximum potential!


The biggest detriment you can face in your career is mediocrity. Being mediocre is the enemy of both being good and being great. Here are five steps to take to ensure that you’re reaching your highest potential.

1. Think bigger. If you want to achieve big you have to think big. What separates successful people from others is not that they worked five times harder or are five times smarter; their edge is their thinking is five times bigger. Associate yourself with big thinkers and you’ll start thinking on a larger scale.

2. Keep track of every activity. In 15- to 30-minute increments, keep track of every activity you’re involved in during the workday. Do this for one week. Then annualize the total amount of time for each activity that doesn’t lead to an income-generating opportunity. Use this to prioritize your goals and set up a not-to-do list to determine what you should not focus on.

3. Visualize your success. Olympians and professional athletes practice visualizing their success in advance of any competition. You should do the same. Create a mental slideshow of each step necessary to accomplish your goal. Pause between images to contemplate your hard work, dedication and effort.

4. Practice FOCUS. There are dozens of things competing for your attention and pulling you in multiple directions. To help you concentrate on what’s most important, practice FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful). Print this mantra and place it where it can be seen throughout the day. Stay the course and you’ll become even more successful.

5. Build your sphere of influence. You should always be building your sphere of influence. Create a list of everyone you know. Focus on people to whom you can refer business — such as contractors, attorneys, business owners and financial planners — and those who can refer business back to you.

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