Clean Economy Jobs

No tax payer dollars! How can this be?

Clean Economy Jobs.

electric car battery maker filed for bankruptcy today. so what you ask? i’ll tell you so what. it

is another green energy company that has gotten tax may or money from the obama

administration and it has gone belly up. the president’s promise of green just hasn’t

delivered. all right. our own cnbc’s jane wells joins us with more. good evening. unlike all the

ions and grants of the federal government of jobs. no taxpayor money has been used at

this facility where i am. this is 110 year old chevron oil field which uses the sun’s energy

field. it is quite an operation. the president had promised five million green jobbed in a

decade. it has 2.7 million green jobs so far. check this out. it has created jobs but most

have been temporary ones. most of the jobs are created through the construction. for

example, the site you went to solar tosteam, had several hundred people on site. during the

day-to-day operation it is ten or less. this is probably going to come up tonight. when

romney brought up the $90 billion, and we’ll have to see then how the president responds

to that. the city of san jose has committed to 25,000 green jobs within a decade. but the

new york times said they don’t have a 5th of those. the times points out that a $59 million

training program has only netted 715 jobs. that is about $82,000 per job mostly funded by

taxpayers. that could hire a bunch of schoolteachers. if you need them out there, i don’t

know if you need them, but you are not getting the jobs that we expected to get. somebody

has to look at this under a microscope. we appreciate it. you heard it. another failed obama

policy. so you next would someone tell me what the growth vision is, does the lack of a

vision hurt him in the first debate? it was a mixed bag but no meat we will uncover after this


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